Canada Day 1 - Downtown Calgary

Now then! I'll cut the crap, I'm in Canada and I don't wanna be THAT guy on FB posting hundreds of photos a day about my trip.

Basically I'm in canada to go to a photography workshop thing in the rockies, no biggie. But we ( I say we, as I'm with my friend Olivia) landed yesterday and had a day to spare. So heres some snaps of downtown Calgary and some of the trip here. 

ps Ive also filmed a Vlog, it'll be up in due course x

Why taking creative breaks is so f***ing important.

I've just lifted myself from the sludge of a 3 month break from photography. So I thought it would be adpt to write why how where how the hell I got here.  

When something means everyhing to you (photos) and your last thought at night and your first when you wake up (making the dream work) taking a break from it would be the last thing you'd ever want to do. BUT from my experience you should (or at least pace yourself) and here is why.

I spent the best part of 3 years thinking breathing thinking and maybe some more thinking about photography and all that it entails. Edits, lenses, Lightroom, gear edits.. reccuring. And part way through this year, I gassed out, got chewed up and spat back out and that was that. 

Now if I'd of paced myself then maybe this wouldn't of happened. It sounds dramatic but it was like a break up. A really shite one. I couldn't stand the idea of taking photos or doing what I'd dreamt of being my career. But on the flip side I couldn't leave the thought of being a photographer alone. So contradictory but hey ho. Being a photographer is what I've had my mind set on for some time now and it's become my identity, the thought of potentially falling out of love with it (excuse my language, mum) shit me right up.

I have decided that 'putting pressure on myself' should be my middle name. That and being a perfectionist, from my feed to minor stupid stuff. Client work and the sincerity of it got me caught in the middle and it actually stresses me out.

I started taking photos because it was fun and it was exciting and It started being the opposite and took it too seriously, this is all my own fault.  

The break wasn't planned. Infact I didn't even realise until I was half way through it. And it felt good not worrying about posting Instagrams or posting on my photography page on fb. Freeing if you must.

A band ( you might not know them) once sung "I get by with a little help from my friends" aka Josh and Holly. They pushed me this summer to pick up again and I have nothing but love and appreciation for their support. Hence the YouTube channel ( which they made me focus on, blame them) and remembering what it was like to post stuff without such a critical eye. I deleted so many Instagrams because I wasn't happy and that only meant one thing. Drop it or just chill out. 

This all sounds so stupid but if you know you'll know. 

Ok I'm rambling but all I'm saying is if you're starting out don't do what I did and try switch gears too soon cos you'll do yourself no favours. 

I don't know if this makes much snse haha but hey I feel so fresh, revamped and all new. I'm ready to re focus and do what I love.

Come to think of it if you need some photos taking, I know a guy  


 Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Ps how nice is the quality of this photo. Took on an iPhone. Ok bye 

Best Mates and Morning Photo Dates 📷📷 Photo Set

OH IM BACK. I wasn't missed too much was I?

Heres to another bloody blog post, well when I say blog I mean... photoset. Yes yes I GET IT. I should write something informative but I just wanna show u some photos 🤙🏼 Matt and myself went for a lil walk round our village (rock and roll, right?!) As a photographer based in Leeds, greenery is hard to come by... unless you live in my village where its pissing annoying, beautiful but after 23 freaking years, it can be boring, never the less, whipped the camera out and fired some shots off! 

Alriggghhhtyyy que the showreel...