Parisienne Looks - What I wore in Paris

Hey its 2018, I'm Alex (still, surprisingly) and youre on my blog 

soo i just got back from Paris (two day trip) where I chilled took photos and drank coffee. I got my amazing picture taking friend Lydia (see her here ) to take some photos of the outfits I was wearing so hey, roll the photos 

ps. ill release a post with all the images I took, stand by kids 

Thats all friends, be back soon, until then keep up to date with by following my instagram 

Sweet dreams, NYC - What I wore - ALEX IVORY

Oh its me again, with a different one kinda. Same ol snaps but I'm in the photos. I love taking photos etc but it feels good to mix it up a little and jump in front of the camera. So here are some outfits I wore on a recent trip to New York. 

Photos taken by my beautiful friends; Liza, Leah and Bee


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